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Ditambahkan pada: 11 December 2017 / Kategori: , ,
Kode : 60-350
Berat : 250 gram
Dilihat : 138 kali
Review : Belum ada review
Rp 580.000
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G2 Challenge:  Protect grip ends with a securely mounted system.

G2 Solution:  G2 Motorcycle Grip Protectors.

The G2 Grip Protectors are the best way to keep your grips looking and working great fall after a fall!  That’s right.  One tip over at slow speed (even off your bike stand!), and you can easily rip the end off your grips.  This is easily solved with our grip protectors.  An additional benefit is on the throttle side.  When your right side handlebar end is touching the ground, the throttle can be held wide open.  The grip protector allows the throttle to snap shut and deceases the chance of injury or engine failure due to a stuck throttle.

For off-road guys, this is a quick way to cross over to moto.  Many moto tracks will not allow aluminum handguards.   Once handguards are removed, your “hideous” grips with removed ends are revealed.  No problem!  Just bolt on these grip protectors for a sano moto cross-over!

The competition’s grip protectors all have the inferior bolt-nut-rubber hose mounting solution.  Their bolt need only loosen about 1/8 turn and the wedges lose all strength and the grip protectors simply “pop out”.  The G2 Grip Protectors come standard with the G2 Threaded Mounts.  By tapping the inside of the handlebar, a threaded piece can be inserted to securely bolt the grip protector to the handlebar end. The G2 Grip Protector can be purchased with threaded insert options of nylon, aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc-plated steel.

G2 Key Points:    

  • Machined 6061 aluminum.
  • Super strong threaded nylon mounts included.
  • Sold with or without tap.
  • One size fits Renthal Twinwall handebars, the second size fits all other aluminum handlebars.
  • Detailed instructions outline simple installation.

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