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Beranda » SPARE PARTS » CHASSIS » Front Wheel » GOLDEN TYRE G-MOUSSE 90/100-21


Ditambahkan pada: 8 February 2017 / Kategori: ,

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Kode : MOU2002
Berat : 5000 gram
Dilihat : 891 kali
Review : Belum ada review
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Deskripsi GOLDEN TYRE G-MOUSSE 90/100-21


The G-Mousse is the next generation of inserts from Goldentyre. After a year of intense testing and development, the G-Mousse is now the most technologically advanced insert on the market. Our revolutionary polymer construction combined with a dual heat treatment production process has produced the most consistent and durable Goldentyre Mousse ever! The G-Mousse product line is designed to replace conventional inner tubes to provide 100% flat protection in the most extreme conditions in the world. When the race is on the line and can’t afford to have a flat, this is the product for you! Available in our X-Product for extreme conditions.


  • Advanced polymer construction to provide increased durability
  • Dual heat treat process creates the most consistent insert on the market
  • 100% flat proof protection for competition use
  • Increased impact absorption and reduced deflection
  • Available in exclusive sizes to create the perfect feel and traction in every condition
  • X-Product G-Mousse inserts feature hand tooling and porting to provide extreme grip (recommended for extreme enduro and enduro cross competition only)

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