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Beranda » ACCESSORIES » STEG PEGZ KTM 2017-2018

STEG PEGZ KTM 2017-2018

Ditambahkan pada: 14 December 2016 / Kategori: , , ,
Kode : SP-54
Berat : 2000 gram
Dilihat : 479 kali
Review : Belum ada review
Rp 2.980.000
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Deskripsi STEG PEGZ KTM 2017-2018

Steg Pegz is designed to Grip the calf area of the boot. The whole idea behind the Steg Pegz is to give the rider some support at the legs to keep their body weight from going backwards when standing up under acceleration, in turn taking the weight off the hands and arms to reduce arm-pump and fatigue. The key feature of the Steg Pegz is the rubber puck. Using rubber has a huge advantage of giving outstanding grip while keeping a lower profile which gives you the availability to still move about on the bike when needed.

  • Greatly reduced arm pump and fatigue
  • Increase rear wheel traction while standing under acceleration
  • Create a seat bounce effect when jumping standing up
  • Shave seconds off your lap times
  • Light weight and adjustable
  • Easy to install

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