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Ditambahkan pada: 12 June 2017 / Kategori: , , ,
Kode : 5104-XB-ZB-2017
Berat : 250 gram
Dilihat : 721 kali
Review : Belum ada review
Rp 1.765.000
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Deskripsi SYNERGY X-BUSHING KIT KTM 2017-2018

Do you love your PDS KTM, but hate how tall it is? Have you already adjusted your pre-load, installed a shorter seat, and raised the forks in the triple clamp but still need more lowering? The X-Bushing gives you that extra adjustment to make any PDS KTM more comfortable for the vertically challenged. Synergy Seals introduces the NEW 2017 re-engineered X-Bushing. The X-Bushing is an adjustable bushing for KTM’s to raise or lower the rear end. MAKE MODEL 125-530 YEAR KIT KIT KTM EXC-F 2017 X-BUSHING Z-BOLT KTM XC 2017 X-BUSHING Z-BOLT KTM XC-F 2017 X-BUSHING Z-BOLT Our Z-Bolt is highly recommended since the OEM bolt will not lubricate the X-Bushing correctly. Our Z-Bolt has a zerk fitting, so greasing the X-Bushing is easy! It comes with custom bushings that do not rust and that acquire higher dynamic loads than needle roller bearings. And it comes with one custom seal on each side to prevent the environment from entering the working area. It is used on 2017 KTM off-road, PDS suspension only. It has full adjust ability with modifications to the shock and the swing arm. These modifications are not noticeable once they are complete, and are minimal. 2017: THE X-BUSHING APPLICATION INSTALL DOES REQUIRE A 2MM MATERIAL REMOVAL FROM THE UNDERSIDE OF THE SHOCK BODY AND 2MM ON THE SWINGARM PROTRUSION RADIUS DIRECTLY BELOW THE SHOCK. DRILLING AND TAPPING OF ONE HOLE FOR BUSHING LOCKDOWN IS ALSO REQUIRED. The rider can raise and lower the rear suspension without having to modify the shock internals with spacers. Pieces include: Round housing insert with offset hole along with P-Bushing inserts and our “Enviro-Seals” to prevent contamination. RESULTS: You will find better all around performance in down hills, whoops and lower center of gravity. The X-Bushing changes the angle of the shock which enables the shock become progressive sooner in the stroke. We have reports of the bike to soak through the stroke smoother and move the mid-hit dampening up a little farther. Also, overall handling and turning is improved….this is good. Please call us for any other questions regarding the new X-Bushing. Be sure to get our new Z-Bolt with a Zerk fitting. Greasing your X-Bushing just got easier! Synergy Seals LLC Minor modifications are needed.

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